President Ramaphosa Gives a Nod to the Textile Industry

The management of the Canvas and Tent Group acknowledges with great enthusiasm President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent nod to the textile industry. Tweeting from his official account on 30 April 2019, President Ramaphosa highlighted government’s continued commitment to providing funds and resources into the growth of the textile industry.

The Canvas and Tent Group is composed of several companies, brands and entities which operate across a broad spectrum of industries. However, as one of South Africa’s largest canvas manufacturers, our Ladysmith-based factory Canvas and Tent contributes to the Clothing, Textiles, Footwear and Leather (CTFL) sector of our economy.

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Some of the major bodies under the Canvas and Tent Group

The impact of the support received from government-supported CTFL initiatives has allowed us to improve competitiveness and contribute substantially to the economy. This was evidenced when Canvas and Tent won the Exporter of the Year Award at the DTI’s Premier Business Awards in 2015. Further to this, we have been able to maintain our contribution towards job creation in South Africa, where we employ approximately 500 people, in spite of the economy’s recent fluctuations.

We extend our great appreciation towards the President Ramaphosa’s expressed dedication to growing this industry in which we thrive, and look forward to even greater successes for our companies and for our country.

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